Friday, January 18, 2019
By Chuck Norwood
South Baldwin Community Theater

South Baldwin community Theater presents, Jack of Diamonds January 31-February 17

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Jack is a former jeweller who made his living buying and selling diamonds via 
late-night TV ads. He lives in a rather luxurious, privately-owned retirement 
home along with his fellow residents: the visually challenged techno-wizard Rose, 
the artistically gifted but forgetful Flora, and the narcoleptic beauty Blanche. 
Unbeknownst to the four of them, however, the man to whom they’ve entrusted 
their life savings - a smooth-talking financial advisor named Barney Effward - 
has been arrested for bilking his clients out of their savings through a Ponzi
scheme. Faced with financial ruin, the four suddenly find themselves 
confronting the author of their miserable fate when Effward is unexpectedly 
delivered among them – along with several million dollars in diamonds. 
Pandemonium ensues as the four retirees try to find a way to exact their revenge,
 recoup their losses, and keep the authorities from discovering their plans.